Care Homes in Shavano Park TX

Care Homes in Shavano Park TX

In most assisted living facilities across the country, seniors have an option to have their own private room or to share one with another elderly individual. After living for many years alone, the prospect or even a simple notion of sharing a room with somebody else, especially somebody they don’t know at all, can be a deterrent, but there may actually be a number of key advantages to this type of situation.

While it’s nothing like college days for young men and women, having a roommate can be beneficial for a number of reasons. Below are some key advantages to consider when a senior is deciding whether or not to have a roommate in his or her new assisted living home.

Key Advantage #1: It saves money.

By sharing a room with another elderly individual, the senior can save money every month on their living expenses. The cost of living at assisted living can often be a deterrent for some people, and finding ways to reduce the expenses, especially sharing a room, can mean the difference between seriously considering this option and having to look at some other situation.

Key Advantage #2: The senior will have companionship.

There are plenty of seniors in these assisted living communities, but if an elderly individual has a tendency to remain within the comfort of his or her own room most of the time, having a roommate can be beneficial.

They will also have companionship in the evening and might find common interests with regard to card games, board games, watching TV, or even having conversations. Who knows, they might even enjoy the same movies or books. Those common interests can help bring two people together for good.

Key Advantage #3: Still get more support.

Staff members at assisted living are there to provide support and assistance to the elderly residents. Yet sometimes seniors are less inclined to call for help when they feel it’s not an emergency situation.

Having a roommate could provide them extra support. It’s not just physical support the senior might receive from this roommate, but emotional support.

Being able to have a conversation, ask questions, and get advice can be incredibly beneficial for people, especially in a new environment.

By looking at these key advantages, seniors might realize why selecting the option to have a roommate and share a room could be better for them when they decide that assisted living is right for them.

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