bigstock Group Of Senior Couples Attend 92381933Each assisted living facility is its own independent business operation. While many are similar and possess a lot of the same basic structures, each will have its own set of rules and expectations. As such, there may be certain etiquette — or rules— an aging senior must agree to and obey in order to remain a resident of that particular facility.
Some may not have specific behavioral requirements, but others may. That’s why it’s important to go on a tour when one is provided, pay attention to the details, and ask specific questions of the administrators at that facility.
Some facilities may not have posted rules and requirements of its residents, but more often than not there will be some basic expectations of behavior that must be adhered and agreed to. Some of those may include the following:

No profanity.

Just because society has become much more vulgar and profane in its use of language doesn’t mean it’s acceptable in all places. Some facilities may have strict rules about profanity and don’t permit it in any open space.
An aging senior may very well be able to speak however she or he wishes in the confines of their room behind closed doors, but in the entertainment facility, hallways, dining facility, and so forth, it may be a rule that they must watch their language.

They may not be permitted to just walk into anyone’s room.

Even if another senior in the facility has their room door wide open, that isn’t an open invitation to just stroll in, sit down in a chair or on the couch and begin talking to that person.

There are boundaries and usually the line is drawn at the threshold of the room. Just because the door’s open doesn’t forgo proper etiquette, which would be to knock politely and wait for the room’s occupant to invite you in.

Keep up with personal hygiene.

Just because the senior may need help getting into and out of the shower doesn’t mean they should avoid bathing or keeping up with their personal hygiene. If an aging senior doesn’t bathe for days or even weeks, their body odor will get stronger and stronger.

This could be an offense to others, especially in the dining facilities or while watching a movie together. An aging resident may be required to keep up with their personal hygiene. If they need assistance to remain safe getting into and out of the shower, some facilities do provide that option with experienced staff members. Make sure the senior reaches out and expresses their concerns about safety.

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