Assisted Living in Hill Country Village, TX

Assisted Living in Hill Country Village, TXNot every assisted living facility is going to be able to accommodate the gardening desires and wishes of their residents. That doesn’t mean there are no assisted living facilities throughout the region or the country that allow seniors to garden. Depending on the location, and depending on the land they have, an assisted living community could very well have a garden set up for the residents. This may be a community garden, a communal garden, or something else, so it’s best to contact the facility directly and speak to them and an administrator to find out exactly what is available with regard to gardening.

The difference between a communal and community garden.

A communal garden is essentially one single garden that has various plants, flowers, or possibly even vegetables growing in it that is established for a community at large. The community would be responsible, as a group, to help maintain it. Many seniors may have difficulty weeding, dragging a hose around, or even picking vegetables once they are ripe. The staff at an assisted living facility that has a communal garden will likely have maintenance personnel to assist with the general upkeep of that garden, but the residents can all enjoy it.

A community garden on the other hand can also be referred to as a shared garden. This might be an area that is fenced off and individual plots are available to various residents to plant whatever they wish to grow, take care of it, and it would essentially be theirs to look after.

There are numerous community gardens throughout the country, so even if the assisted living facility doesn’t have any opportunity for the senior residents to garden, they may be able to do it somewhere else. If it is an extremely important aspect of a person’s decision whether or not to move into an assisted living community, speak to the administrator and see what arrangements may need to be made to help that senior garden and live life to the fullest.

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