Assisted Living in Hollywood Park, TXSeniors worry about moving to assisted living facilities for several reasons. One of those being the need to find a new home for a beloved pet. It is a long proven fact that pets enhance the lives of the elderly. The good news is that some assisted living facilities welcome seniors and their pets.

The main goal of an assisted living facility is to promote an environment of independence while providing assistance for the everyday tasks they are unable to perform. Most facilities offer basic services such as housekeeping, laundry, cooking, and medication management. Facilities come in many shapes and sizes with seniors occupying a room, apartment, or a shared living space.

Pets provide loyal companionship to seniors. They provide relief and distraction from pain and illness, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, promote physical activity for owners who have to care for them, and bring feelings of joy and happiness.

More and more assisted living facilities are embracing the idea of pets. Those who have brought in animals such as dogs, cats, birds, fish, or other small animals have reported an increase in resident health by as much as 15 percent. According to the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, seniors who live with pets have better physical and mental health than those without a pet.

Seniors with pets are less likely to fall into a state of depression. Bonding with a dog or cat is like having a constant friend around. Even if they are alone, they have someone to talk to. Studies have shown that seniors who are normally withdrawn tend to come out of their shell when around an animal. The positive reaction and interaction with animals is more like to cause them to be more social with other people.

Assisted living facilities that allow pets are great for seniors who don’t have any family living nearby. Some pets are capable of showing just as much love, affection, loyalty, and companionship as a family member could.

If the best option of care for your loved one with a pet is an assisted living facility, take the time to research and look into places that allow pets. Visit the facility in person and observe the interaction of staff, residents, and animals. Facilities that offer a small apartment type setting or more likely to accept pets. Be sure that all shots for the animal are kept up to date and know the pet rules and policies of the facility in question.

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