Assisted Living Facilities in Shavano Park, TX

Assisted Living Facilities in Shavano Park, TXJust because your elderly mother moved into an assisted living community doesn’t mean she’s going to have to remain indoors for the rest of her life. There are numerous misconceptions about assisted living facilities, mostly that they are similar to nursing homes.

Assisted living and nursing home care are completely different creatures. A nursing home is generally reserved for those individuals who require a significant level of medical care throughout the day and even during the overnight hours. For example, somebody who recently suffered from a stroke may be moved to a nursing home for a few weeks before being discharged and sent home to continue with their recovery.

Accident victims, individuals with pneumonia, and others may require nursing home care at some time. In most cases, the people at a nursing home may not get out very much, if at all.

Assisted living is completely different. At an assisted living facility, people are relatively independent and may need just minimal support assisting them getting into and out of the shower, getting down the hallway, or just enjoy the camaraderie they get from having other seniors in the same building.

Many assisted living communities have restaurant style eating facilities, entertainment rooms, exercise facilities, and numerous activities going on every day throughout the week.

Many of these communities also provide transportation services to their residents. These transportation services could take them to doctors’ appointments, the local mall, the senior center, and many other places. They could even have outdoor excursions to the park, the zoo, or somewhere else.

Just because somebody is planning to move into an assisted living facility doesn’t mean they are giving up on life. In reality, they are just getting warmed up. It’s amazing to see the transformation people go through when they move from a home where they were living alone for years and become surrounded with other people their own age. They become exposed to new experiences, try new activities, and become more active once again.

June is Great Outdoors Month and whether a senior is taking part in an excursion to a local park or somewhere else outside, it’s still all possible after they have moved into assisted living. There is great emotional and even physical value to getting outside as often as one wants. Depending on the facility, a senior resident could walk the grounds on a daily basis, thus getting valuable exercise that helps to improve cardiovascular health, too.

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