Assisted Living in Hill Country Village, TX: Have a Yard Sale to Reduce Your Senior’s Clutter!

Assisted Living in Hill Country Village, TXOver the years we tend to accumulate “stuff.” The older your loved one is the more things they will have and you will need to help them decide what to do with. You can help your loved one downsize and get ready to move into assisted living by having a yard sale.

It is important that your elderly loved one be a part of the downsizing process. What you might consider to be junk could have sentimental value to your loved one. Convincing your loved one to have a yard sale is a great way to give them a chance to go through their things and determine what they would like to bring to the assisted living facility.

When sorting through items, have three piles. One pile for the things they want to keep, a second pile for things to discard or give away, and a third pile for items they may not be able to decide on at that moment. Once you have gone through all of their belongings with them, revisit the “not sure” pile.

This is actually the perfect time of year to consider having a yard sale. As summer is approaching its end, the weather is cool enough to move about with ease and bearable for being outdoors. This way, your loved one can be involved in every aspect of preparing and having a yard sale as long as their health condition permits.

A good rule of thumb for determining whether or not to keep things that don’t have sentimental value is to ask when the last time that the item was used. Other than photos and other personal items with meaning, if your loved one has not used something in three years, it is probably safe to say they don’t need to cart it with them to assisted living.

Once your loved one has decided on what they wish to get rid of, you can begin to price the items. This can be a grueling and time consuming process depending upon how much stuff there is.

The next thing you need to do is discuss the date and time. Your loved one can even help make up some signs and post several days prior to the event.

The thought of having to downsize before going to assisted living might be upsetting to some elderly individuals. However, if you have a positive attitude and keep your loved one involved in the process, they might actually enjoy the yard sale experience.

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