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Senior-Housing-in-Hill-Country-Village-TXAs Christmas approaches, there are plenty of activities that go into celebrating this holiday. However, for the senior who is in assisted living, they may not find much joy at this time of year. Often it reminds them of how lonely they are, how many friends and loved ones they may have lost over the years, and some seniors even become depressed.

There are things that you can do to help your loved one in an assisted living facility enjoy the holidays. Just spending time together with family will mean the world to them.

Spread some holiday cheer to your mom with the following activities.

1. Christmas caroling.

Some assisted living facilities may organize and offer this activity for seniors living in the community. If not, you may be able to check with the facility and see if this is something they would allow you to organize.

Singing Christmas carols with a group is a great way to make the holiday bright.

2. Make Christmas cards.

Making your own Christmas cards to send to friends and family is a fun activity for several reasons. You get to be creative by designing your own card style and you can have some enjoyable conversations at the same time.

If your mom was always crafty, she may like the idea of cutting out pictures from a magazine or old cards to personalize a message to all her friends and family.

3. Make a scrapbook.

Photos are a great way to remember fun times. Along with some scrapbook pages, stickers, and other accessories, arranging photos according to a specific theme, holiday, or memory is a sure way to lift your loved one’s spirit.

4. Decorating party.

Gather some friends and family and have a decorating party. Everyone can either bring some decorations over to your mom’s place or use the ones she has. What better way for your mom to get in the Christmas spirit than to be surrounded by those she cares about and make the place look fun and festive.

5. Bake cookies.

There are so many types of fun holiday cookies to make. The recipes are endless. You can even bake them now and then freeze them until the week of Christmas. Put in pretty, decorative tins or baskets to give as gifts.

Your mom may not feel motivated to do these activities on her own but if you can take the time to do one or more of them with her, it may be all she needs to enjoy the holidays in assisted living.

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