Assisted Living in Hill Country Village, TX – Every Person is Different, But Consider the Impact when Deciding How Frequently to Stop By

Assisted Living in Hill Country Village, TXThe moment your mother agreed that it was time to make a change in her living arrangement, you might’ve felt some level of relief. It took a bit of convincing but she found an assisted living community where she knew people and felt that she would be comfortable.

When she was packing up and getting ready for this move, she might have asked you to spend some time with her during the first few weeks. She wanted you to stop by every day because she was concerned about how comfortable she might feel, or how uncomfortable it could be, living in this new situation.

You were talking to a few friends about this situation and one of them was adamant that you should avoid visiting too often, especially during the first couple of weeks. This transition, according to your friend, was going to be stressful and difficult, and if you went and visited on a daily basis, your mother wouldn’t get out and involved in some of the activities that are prevalent throughout the facility.

Your friend had a point. It’s certainly important to be supportive of a loved one whenever they make a major life change. Of all life changes that people experience from time to time, moving is one of the top five stressors. Even moving into the home of one’s dreams will be a stressful event.

Whether or not your mother was excited about the prospect of assisted living or was going along with it because it was the best option for her at that time, she is going to be dealing with a great deal of stress. She’s going to be surrounded by new people, including residents and staff and if she is not an overly outgoing personality, it could be difficult for her to get out and mingle.

One common crutch people have when it comes to dealing with new situations is to rely on loved ones with whom they are comfortable. As a result, your mother may end up leaning on you as often as possible, especially if you agree to stop by on a daily basis, rather than getting involved, meeting new people, and trying new experiences.

So how often should you visit a loved one when they first move into an assisted living facility?

It’s all going to depend on the individual. Try to avoid visiting on a daily basis. Visit every other day or every three days, or just once a week. Just knowing that you support them and you’re there (just a phone call away) can be more than enough to provide the comfort he or she needs to ultimately relax in their new home.

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