Assisted Living in Alamo Heights, TX

Assisted Living in Alamo Heights, TXYou’ve been residing in the same assisted living facility for a couple of years and even though it wasn’t at the top of your list of places to move to at the time, you are incredibly grateful that you did. Maybe it was a family member who convinced you to at least look at this option.

Before you did, you had certain misconceptions about assisted living, mostly based on your experiences when you were much younger helping an elderly loved one yourself. Today’s facilities are nothing like what they used to be just 20 or 30 years ago.

Now you have been talking to a good friend of yours who is having difficulty at home. This person might have been relying on a caregiver to work with them on a regular basis, but trying to keep up with the housework, keep it from falling down around them, proverbially speaking, that is, you know they would do much better in the environment in which you live now.

Sometimes it can be difficult to break various misconceptions, as you likely know. Try these tips that might just help you convince your friend that assisted living is the right option at this time.

1. Invite her over to visit you.

Maybe your friend has visited you several times over the last couple of years, but when she did, did you give her the full tour? Did you sit down with her at the restaurant? Did you to enjoy watching a movie in the entertainment room? Did she get a chance to meet other people, including new friends you may have made since then?

This friend, if she visited you, might have only gone to your room to spend an hour or two with you before going home. This is an opportunity to invite her over to spend some quality time and become exposed to everything this facility has to offer.

2. Talk about activities you do on a regular basis.

Your friend might be wishing she could do different things other than sit around and watch each day pass her by. If you begin talking about things you do, she could certainly feel even more depressed, but not if you encouraged her to believe she could do these things, too.

3. Ask what her impressions of assisted living are.

Sometimes a person’s preconceived notions about something shape every other experience they have with it. If you can get down to the basic, bare-bones about what your friend thinks about assisted living in general, you might very well find a better starting point with which to talk to her about considering this as a viable option for her and her future.

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