Assisted Living in Hill Country Village TXYour mother moved into assisted living not all that long ago. She may have been excited about this or a bit reserved. Change in life can be difficult for people of all ages, including seniors. The fact your mother agreed to move into assisted living when she was having difficulty on her own is a good thing.

There are times, though, you want to talk to her. You want to find out how things are going. You want to make sure she made the right decision. Maybe it’s because you want to assuage some concern that this might not have been the best thing for her.

Yet, every time you call, the phone just rings and rings. Sure, you leave messages, but she doesn’t get back to you. Maybe eventually she calls and leaves a message on your phone, but you want to speak to her directly.

Why isn’t she answering the phone?

This is a thought that might course through your mind, especially late at night when you struggle to fall asleep. You may even wake up numerous times throughout the night thinking about it and can no longer fall back to sleep.

You assume she’s angry with you. Every time the phone rings and your name appears on the caller ID, she snickers and says to herself, “I’m not answering that.” That’s what you think.

Don’t immediately jump to conclusions. It is certainly easier to think about the worst things, especially when you feel guilty, but what if your mother is actually having a good time? What if she’s not in her room most of the day or even in the evening?

What if she’s taking part in various activities, spending time with new friends, reconnecting with old friends she lost touch with many years ago, or simply enjoying some classic movies in the entertainment facility?

In other words, your mother not answering the phone may have absolutely nothing to do with you, but rather with her and this new life she is enjoying.

Assisted living can be a positive influence.

It can be a wonderful thing for many people, regardless of their age, physical infirmities, health issues, and other factors. When seniors discover they aren’t alone on this journey, they can commiserate with peers their own age who are struggling with the same things — physically, mentally, and even emotionally — it can help them feel better about the future.

Your mother could be taking a proverbial breath of fresh air after years living alone and struggling with her own basic care. Don’t just assume a phone ringing with no answer is a bad sign. It could be a great sign.

For more information about assisted living in Hill Country Village, TX, contact Pipestone Place Assisted Living or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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