Assisted Living in Terrell Hills, TX – Seniors with Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s can Benefit from Different Activities in Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Terrell Hills, TXMoving into an assisted living facility can be a significant life change, depending on the type of living situation the individual was in before. For those who lived in a house, suddenly spending time in an apartment style setting will take some getting used to. When you’re talking about a Parkinson’s patient, there may be certain challenges that they face other residents won’t have to deal with.

Improving the quality of life should be the primary goal of any move to assisted living. Not all assisted living communities are equipped to handle various patients, such as those with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.

Many assisted living facilities are staffed with experienced, compassionate, and professional employees who can help almost every single resident maximize the quality of their life.

What does it mean to improve quality of life?

Improving the quality of life is about making each day worth getting up for. When a person doesn’t seem hopeful, prefers to stay in bed because of depression or because they don’t believe there’s anything for them to do during the day, then that is going to lower their quality of life.

What can a Parkinson’s patient do at many assisted living facilities to improve quality of life?

A Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s patient may have certain physical limitations, tremors, and even speech challenges. Yet they can still get involved in various activities throughout most communities.

They may choose to get involved in some of the recreational activities that are common throughout many assisted living communities. Taking an art class, learning a new skill, or even joining a book club and discussion group could be ways that they can connect with others, learn new skills, and share ideas.

Connecting with other people with whom you have something in common will generally improve the quality of life naturally.

Speaking to various staff members at the assisted living facility could provide the Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s patient with more insight into what may be great activities to try, places they can visit throughout the residence, and even support they might be eligible for directly from some of the staff members.

Improving the quality of life should be the goal when moving into assisted living, so make sure that the Parkinson’s patient chooses one that has staff members experienced and equipped to handle the symptoms of this disease.

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