You promised your loved one that you wouldn’t put them in a nursing home or a care facility. Now you fear that you may have to go back on your word. Having to make the decision about whether or not this would be the right thing to do can be challenging but ultimately we want to do what is in their best interest.

Assisted Living in Shavano Park, TXProviding dementia care at home could be manageable during its early stages. However, as the disease progresses, your loved one is going to require around the clock care. It requires skill to keep people with dementia active, both mentally and physically. It will be almost impossible to provide the right level of care all by yourself.

Don’t let your guilt get in the way of doing what is best for your loved one. There are many facilities out there that focus on dealing with memory loss care. These facilities employ trained and caring staff that can provide the level of care as well as 24 hour care that your loved one needs.

Assisted living facilities are more equipped to handle the needs of an Alzheimer’s patient and keep them safe. Living areas can be individual rooms, apartments, or shared quarters. They offer a home-like setting and are designed to promote independence.

Services vary from facility to facility but with a little research, you can find one that is ideal for your loved one. Typical services often include:

  • One to three meals per day
  • Medication management
  • Housekeeping and laundry
  • Personal care, such as bathing and dressing
  • 24 hour emergency care
  • Medical services
  • Social and recreational activities

Changes in mood, behavior, appearance, ability to function, and changes to health could be a sign that your loved one may be better off in a facility specifically designed to meet their needs. Knowing that you have done all that you can and recognizing the need for additional help is the best thing you can do and there is no need to feel guilty.

Waiting too long to get your loved one situated in a facility could actually be more detrimental to their health. If their memory is too far impaired before going to a facility, they will never be able to become acclimated and therefore won’t be able to feel at home there.

Choosing the right Alzheimer’s care facility and getting your loved one situated is the best option. Keep in mind that once there, you can spend as much time as you like with your loved one and know they are safe and cared for when you leave.

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