bigstock Senior woman with her home car 40297474 2Assisted living might very well be taboo subject in your household. Your mother doesn’t want to hear it. In fact, you may have brought up the topic before and was surprised to be met with such hostility or possibly even anger from her. Even though you’re completely confident assisted living would be a great asset for her, it just might not be that easy to discuss.

There might be certain ways to bring up the subject of assisted living with a resistant senior in your life. Consider these ideas that might be presented as icebreakers.

Talk about things he or she once did, until recently.

There may be certain activities your elderly mother enjoyed on a regular basis she no longer does. Why does she not do them anymore? In most cases it’s because of physical limitations or even the inability to drive so she can’t participate in them.

Every assisted living facility is different, but some do offer transportation for not just getting to doctors’ appointments and the mall, but also to go pursue other activities of interest.

If you begin talking about the things your mother or father has given up recently, you could spark an interest in them, especially if you hinted they might be able to do some of them still.

Consider calling or stopping by more frequently.

This does not mean you should become their primary caregiver. Whether you live right down the road or across the country or somewhere else in the world, if they are living alone your increased visits or calls could help them realize they are craving companionship.

Don’t get into the habit of doing this long-term, but the moment they say they appreciate the call and have missed these kinds of conversations, that’s how you can move the conversation smoothly to assisted living.

Touch on safety topics.

You may not be able to see or visit your elderly mother or father very often, but if she’s in her 70s or 80s, you already know safety is a concern. You don’t have to be there to see her; it’s just associated with the natural process of aging.
When you discuss safety topics, you might be met with frustration or even fear. This is a great opportunity to begin discussing assisted living.

Once this senior understands that assisted living is not a nursing home, that it can provide great activities, encouragement, and improved safety, many seniors are more open to listening, finally.

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