bigstock An Older Black Woman Mournfull 168286880It’s not going to be easy looking after an aging parent who has been diagnosed with dementia. Even though they may be fully capable of taking care of themselves right now, shortly after diagnosis, but things are going to become much more challenging.

You may have noticed the changes in their memory, capabilities, and mental function for a while, leading to you encouraging them to visit their doctor, but just because they can handle certain things at the moment doesn’t mean that’s going to remain the case forever.

The challenges will increase.

A person with dementia can live for five, 10, 20 years and sometimes even longer. With each passing year, though, the memory loss and impairment will become greater. That’s going to make it far more difficult for you and anyone else in the family to support this aging senior.

Memory care assisted living is specifically designed to provide the support this aging senior is going to need, not just in the short term but also long-term aspects of the disease as it progresses.

What can memory care assisted living offer that you can’t?

Many family members can certainly provide a loving, safe, comfortable environment for their aging parents and grandparents who have been diagnosed with some form of dementia. There may even be adult children or others who aren’t working and can be there pretty much around-the-clock.

But, at some point in time people realize they are giving up their own life, sacrificing everything just to provide a bit of comfort and support to a senior who has been dealing with this type of mental disease.

When that happens, your quality of life (or that of the family caregiver) is going to diminish. It might be a spouse, adult child, or even a close friend who lives with this senior. When their quality of life declines, it’s going to increase the number of other risk factors, including health issues, limitations, and loneliness.

Memory care assisted living is designed to provide a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment for seniors with this type of disease as well as activities that may be an official in the long run.

A senior who chooses memory care assisted living will be surrounded by experienced staff members who know what to expect, how to deal with aggressive behaviors, and how to comfort during times of extreme stress, confusion, and anxiety.

For more information about care homes in Alamo Heights, TX, contact Pipestone Place Assisted Living or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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