Care Homes in Hill Country Village TX: My Adult Child Keeps Bringing Up the Topic of Assisted Living

Care Homes in Hill Country Village TX: My Adult Child Keeps Bringing Up the Topic of Assisted Living

As an adult child, it is hard to watch our elderly parents struggle with everyday tasks. While adult children want to be there to help as much as they can, they are often limited in the time they can devote to their aging parents. Thus, the topic of moving to an assisted living facility will come up in conversations.

Marty is a 72-year-old mother of three children who lost her husband two years ago. While two of her children live in other states, she has a son who lives relatively close by with his family. Since the passing of his dad, he has been doing whatever he could to help his mom take care of things around the house, both inside and out.

At first, it seemed like he could handle working a full-time job, taking care of the responsibilities for his own family, and just pop in here and there to check in on his mom. However, as months turned into years, his mom would call on him for more and more help.

The first few times the topic of assisted living came up, Marty would tense up at the thought of leaving the home she spent most of her life and made so many wonderful memories. She even felt hurt that her son would suggest this.

One day, while having a cup of coffee together, Marty’s son began to tell her how he was under a great deal of stress trying to manage so many responsibilities. He explained that he wanted his mom to be safe and happy, but he couldn’t keep running back and forth for what seemed to be a daily thing now.

Over the course of a month, Marty’s son continued to bring up the topic of assisted living as a viable option for the future. He wasn’t trying to pressure her, but he researched some facilities in the area and even set up a tour with one he felt would be perfect for his mom’s needs.

Although she was reluctant to go on the tour, she started to see how having to take care of her was taking a toll on her son. She understood that it was because he did care about her that he wanted her to consider moving to assisted living.

After taking the tour of the facility and speaking with the wonderful staff and even some residents, she began to think this might not be so bad. She saw the wonderful possibilities and benefits assisted living could offer. She could still be as independent as she was able to be but receive help for things she knew she couldn’t do on her own.

She also saw this as an opportunity to meet some new people her age and even participate in some activities she had given up. She wouldn’t have to worry about upkeep and maintenance and the dining facility relieved her of the challenges that came with preparing meals.

Most importantly to Marty was that not only would assisted living change and benefit her life, but it would relieve a tremendous amount of stress from her son.

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