Assisted Living Facilities in Hollywood Park, TX – One Senior’s Story About Choosing an Assisted Living Facility with Nutritional Meal Plans

Assisted Living Facilities in Hollywood Park, TXWhen Margaret was considering assisted living as an option for her future, one thing she was very particular about was food. She enjoyed cooking meals for her family and never complained about it, even when she was extremely sick. Her husband also enjoyed cooking, but according to Margaret he left a lot to be desired with his skills. Of course, she always said that in jest.

Because food, taste, and even nutritional value was so important to her, she was adamant about finding out just what each facility could offer with their menus as well as other options.

This kind of aggravated her family because they felt that their mother was being a bit overly concerned about what they considered a minor issue. They saw it as Margaret’s way of delaying moving into any particular assisted living facility. It began to give them the oppression that she didn’t really want to move from her home in the first place, even though everyone agreed it was the best thing for her.

For Margaret, nutrition was very important. She found a couple of facilities not too far from her home that could provide her an eat-in kitchen in her own apartment so she could continue preparing her own meals if she wanted to as well as a four-star restaurant in the facility itself. That piqued her interest and she looked further into these claims.

She sat down and arranged a meeting with the head chef of the restaurant and found out that it wasn’t really a four-star restaurant, as compared to those found across the country outside of assisted living, but the experience of the staff and quality of the proteins, vegetables, fruits, and other ingredients was quite high.

She expressed her concerns to the head chef about nutrition and health and he pointed out a number of studies that he used regarding that very topic when designing his menu.

“We take nutrition very seriously here,” the chef told her. “We conduct a lot of research to find the best foods, organic and otherwise, and we have been rated one of the best in the state.”

There are probably a number of ways to find out the quality and even nutritional value of the food at any assisted living facility. The best way is to begin at the source, talking to administrative staff members and seeing what kind of foods they serve on a regular basis. March is National Nutrition Month and just because somebody is moving to assisted living, it doesn’t mean they have to stop paying attention to these important details.

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