Personal Care Homes in Alamo Heights TX: Pacing in an Assisted Living Community Might Be the Result of Dementia

Personal Care Homes in Alamo Heights TX: Pacing in an Assisted Living Community Might Be the Result of Dementia

Tara never considered assisted living as a viable option for her as she was getting older. She and her husband talked about retirement, what they wished for in the event they had to deal with certain health issues, and what they would consider if and when they lost the other.

When she was widowed, her children encouraged her to move closer to them.

She was happy where she was. She and her husband had lived in the same place for more than 40 years. They had strong ties to the community, many great friends, and even though Tara no longer drove, many of her friends helped get her to doctors’ appointments, to the store, and to visit with others.

When she finally decided that assisted living was right for her, it was a tough choice.

She had so many wonderful memories in her house, but she also recognized how difficult it was to keep track of a lot of things and keep up with the general cleaning and maintenance. When she first moved into this assisted living community, she felt comfortable. She reconnected with friends she hadn’t spoken to in years. She began pursuing activities she thought were well behind her, and they were a lot of fun.

Her family decided to pay her a visit one afternoon.

They flew into the area as a surprise for her birthday. She wasn’t expecting this, and they weren’t expecting to see some of the behaviors she exhibited. The staff talked about how wonderful Tara was as a resident. They talked glowingly of her personality, willingness to help just about anyone, and her enthusiasm for life.

They also spoke about her recent behaviors.

She started pacing up and down the hallways. She would do this in the middle of the night sometimes, in the afternoon, and was often seen in her room just walking back and forth between the open doorway and window. It was odd behavior for somebody who never had a tendency to pace, even when dealing with stressful situations.

Her children encouraged her to visit her doctor and she was ultimately diagnosed with a form of dementia. Fortunately for Tara, the assisted living community she had chosen was also a memory care assisted living facility. They had extremely experienced staff members who could provide wonderful supports and reminders that could improve quality of life as she began to deal with the very signs and symptoms of dementia.

One of the strategies the staff used was distraction. They would ask her questions about some jewelry she was wearing, a new article of clothing she had received as a gift, or an activity that was about to take place. These distractions calmed her nervous tendencies and reduced pacing, especially late at night.

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