Pipestone Place Assisted Living NewsThere are many myths surrounding Personal Care Homes & Assisted Living, whether they’re believable or not. This, in turn, causes quite some confusion when deciding if your loved one should relocate to such a place. Are Personal Care Homes safe? Are they relaxing and exciting? How do they treat their residents? Questions like these are often asked, but they have varying answers. Here, we count down some of the most common misconceptions about Personal Care Homes.

Personal Care Homes are less stressful than living independently.

True. A Personal Care Home is a stress-reliever itself; there are no worries to think of such as buying groceries and vacuuming the carpet, and they may do almost anything they like without having to be concerned about feeding themselves, washing clothes or dishes, and other reoccurring household tasks, allowing seniors to have more free time for socializing and completing deeds they truly have the motive to do.

Transferring to a Personal Care Home facility is difficult.

False. This is a big change to thrust upon your loved one, and it may be nerve-wracking or chaotic only if there is no preparation. The move will be accompanied by a change in lifestyle, a different floor plan to get used to, and new people to meet and know. But, with careful preparation, family members of many seniors will find moving in to a Personal Care Home facility is much smoother than they imagined.   The reason is that a small home like environment allows the staff to get to know your loved one on a personal level.

Many seniors regret choosing a Personal Care Home.

False. Although moving in may be difficult emotionally for families, most elders are typically happy in their Personal Care Home. There are few complications to worry about and help is always provided. It is much more laidback and relaxed than living alone, and there are plenty more things to enjoy like the company of others and access to new hobbies and activities. Despite the support given, many residents are still allowed to be independent and do what they please.

Personal Care Homes are typically boring.

False. Although living in a Personal Care Home facility may be just the thing your loved one needs.  Residents get 24 hour care and access to activities and socialization. In addition, there are other seniors who may share interests with your loved one, and many exciting activities are provided (visits from family and friends are usually welcome, too).

Personal Care Home facilities are safer than regular homes.

True! Personal Care Homes were made for this cause. Most facilities have shower railings, wide hallways, and mandatory restrictions such as supervised access outside in order to protect their seniors. Rooms are well-kept to prevent falling or other accidents. Not only are most Personal Care Home facilities safe, but they’re also very convenient through the simple placement of areas such as the dining room and living room.

Personal Care Homes are available anywhere.

False. Although facilities are available in most locations, they can be absent in areas of low population or on certain sides of town. If this is your case, attempt to find facilities in neighboring cities or towns, as long as your loved one is comfortable living at a distant location. Keep in mind that the closest facility to your home may not always be the best; it’s important to conduct a study of which Senior Home fits within your budget and which will accommodate to your loved one’s needs and preferences in the best manner.

Keep in mind that, although these statements apply to most facilities, there are some that are a bit more rogue and fall outside these guidelines. It’s always best to examine each facility carefully before choosing the right destination for your loved one.

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