Personal Care Homes in Alamo Heights TXFlu season is upon us. That means for infants and older Americans, the flu vaccine may be an absolute necessity. What it also means is that certain facilities that provide short and long-term care options for older Americans may have to take more precautions to minimize the impact flu and other viruses or illnesses may have.

Not all assisted living facilities are the same, so it’s important not to assume that what one facility does all others will do the same. However, it’s a good idea to have some concept of what a particular assisted living facility can do to minimize the risk of flu for its residents.

Cleaning all surfaces.

Cleaning services should be commonplace, especially for the community of older adults, but depending on where you go, it may not happen every day. In an assisted living community, though, where health is compromised due to age and other factors, it’s important to make sure that handrails, door handles, and other commonly touched areas are cleaned as often as feasible.

The flu virus as well as other bacteria and germs can survive for quite at length of time on these types of surfaces, so transmitting it from one person to the other can be a bit easier.

Keep dust at a minimum.

This usually requires vacuuming more frequently, especially near the main entryways were dirt from outside can get tracked in. When dust gets kicked up, it can be breathed in. That’s because some of that dust can actually be those pesky germs and bacteria.

This coincides to keeping surfaces as clean as possible, but it’s one step deeper into protecting the residents at these communities.

Encourage the use of gloves and masks, when necessary.

For an elderly person who may be more susceptible to the flu, it could be advisable for them to wear a light dust mask and possibly even in surgical gloves when out and about. This may not seem practical, but when it comes to the deadly flu virus, it can be a lifesaver.

Requiring all staff to get the vaccine.

Many facilities, including assisted living and other places that accommodate aging seniors, often require all staff to get the flu vaccine. You can contact an assisted living facility where a senior lives or is considering moving to find out their policy as it pertains to this aspect.

Ultimately, all an assisted living facility can do is minimize the risk of exposure to the flu for its residents and staff. That may also include prohibiting certain family or friends from coming onto the grounds if they’re exhibiting flu-like symptoms.

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