Assisted Living in Shavano Park, TX

Assisted Living in Shavano Park, TXJanet was worried about her aging mother living alone in such a big house. She had suggested the prospect of hiring various caregivers to help her mother out from time to time, but her mother didn’t really seem interested in that idea. Then one day she started talking about assisted living.

Janet’s mother had contemplated moving into an assisted living community for some time, but hadn’t really looked at it all that seriously. When Janet found out about her mother’s interest, she started looking around at various facilities in the area. She began looking at facilities that were closer to her, rather than those that were closer to her mother’s current residence.

When Janet sat down with her mother to go over a long list of facilities that were in the general area, her mother narrowed her brow, looked up at her daughter, and said, “These are all close to you. I want to stay close to here.”

Janet was offended that her mother didn’t even want to consider moving closer to her and the rest of her family, including her grandchildren who were in their teens or off to college. She had spent a lot of time looking into various facilities, gathering brochures, talking to administrators, and finding out all of the different activities and amenities that each particular facility offered.

What Janet failed to realize was that it may be important for the elderly individual to remain close to their friends and the community they have lived for many years. Whether Janet’s mother had been living in the area for five years, 10 years, 15, 20, or even more, she likely built up relationships and networks with the people in that area.

Janet’s mother had friends in the area she enjoyed spending time with. She didn’t want to leave them behind and never get the chance to see them again. Janet didn’t realize just how important those relationships had become for her mother. She just assumed that her mother would naturally want to live closer to her and the rest of her family as she got older and had more difficulty managing her basic care.

Seniors have every right to choose the type of care they receive and where they live. If they choose to remain closer to their families, that’s great. If they choose to remain closer to their friends (if there’s a difference in location), that should be supported as well. Understand where your elderly loved one would like to live if they have expressed an interest in assisted living, before you start looking for a facility.

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