Senior Housing in Alamo Heights TX

Senior Housing in Alamo Heights TX: Celebrating Mom’s Decision to Finally Accept Assisted Living

It’s been a long tough road. You’ve been trying to take care of your elderly mother for some time, but it’s placed an incredible burden on you, your family, and your time. You just can’t do it anymore. It’s one of the reasons you’ve been trying to get your mother to consider assisted living for months, maybe even years.

Recently, though, she has finally agreed to accept this.

It can be a great feeling. You know she’s not safe at home. You know she’s missing spending time with friends. You know she isn’t able to do many of the activities she used to enjoy because you simply can’t provide her the hours of support she needs. She hasn’t looked into any other senior care option, and when you found out a few of her friends were in a local assisted living facility, you tried to get her to think about it, at the very least.

At first she was adamantly opposed to the idea. She had a number of misconceptions about assisted living that you could assuage. However, the more time that past, the more she realized you were up against your limits with regard to offering her whatever help she could receive, and she began to think about what her friends were enjoying.

Maybe she talked to them on the phone. Maybe she wrote letters back and forth and found out they were enjoying their life now at this new facility.

Now it’s time to help her get ready.

Now that your mother has agreed to consider assisted living, or maybe she’s outright decided this is the right thing for her future, you need to help her get ready. That could mean encouraging her to go through a number of boxes and other items she has in her house.

The longer a person has stayed in the same place, the more likely he or she has accumulated a lot of items. It might take you a long time to sift through those items, get rid of them, and decide what she wants to take.

Does she still need to find a facility?

If she still needs to find an assisted living facility in the area, now is the time to arrange tours. Many facilities provide tours so prospective residents can get an idea of the layout, activities, and even possibly meet some of the residents already there.

This can give your mother a better sense on what to expect and instill some excitement in her now that she’s made this decision.

For more information about Pipestone Place Assisted Living in San Antonio, TX or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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