bigstock Mother And Daughter 4387690How can you be sure if your aging parent is actually ready to talk about something that could be considered extremely sensitive? Some aging seniors may not be as responsive to conversations regarding assisted living as others. There have been situations where elderly men and women have become belligerent, started yelling at their adult children, stormed out of the room, slammed the door, and subsequently refused to answer the phone for days or even weeks.

So how can you know if your aging parent is actually ready to sit down and listen about assisted living? Below are six simple signs that could indicate now is the time for this conversation.

Simple Sign #1: They mention friends they miss.

Does your elderly mother start talking about a friend of hers she hasn’t seen in a long time? Is this person still alive and living in the community? Perhaps it’s because your mother no longer drives or her friend is already at an assisted living facility. Talking about these people and wishing they could spend more time with them is a good sign to begin transitioning to assisted living.

Simple Sign #2: They’re lonely.

As people age, they will have a tendency to spend more and more time alone, especially they’re widowed or simply living alone by a matter of choice. If that individual no longer has the capacity to drive safely or even get to a bus or subway, they can become lonely. If your aging parent has expressed loneliness, assisted living offers a wonderful alternative.

Simple Sign #3: They keep asking for help, even for small things.

A simple phone call to help with the garbage is fine, but if these calls become more frequent (and they usually do) that’s often a sign this individual is struggling with basic care at home. Assisted living can help.

Simple Sign #4: They mention ‘this place is too big.’

If they’re having doubts about their ability to continue maintaining this house, keeping it clean, washing the windows, and so on, then they’re ready to talk about downsizing. Sure, they could be implying a small apartment or condo, but a quality assisted living facility will help surround them with supportive staff and numerous peers who likely share common interests.

Simple Sign #5: They’re calling ‘just to talk’ more frequently.

When people feel lonely, they might make any excuse they can to just have a conversation on the phone. In fact, aging seniors are far more likely to actually speak to telemarketers and buy products just so they don’t feel so alone.

Simple Sign #6: They’re bored.

Not having people to spend time with, being alone can lead to boredom. If your elderly mother or father has expressed boredom, even in passing, they might be receptive to discussing ways they can stay active and engaged in life.

Assisted living truly does offer a higher quality of life for those seniors expressing any of these simple signs.

For more information about senior housing in Alamo Heights, TX, contact Pipestone Place Assisted Living or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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