Senior Housing in San Antonio TX

Senior Housing in San Antonio TXAs people age they begin to face a number of challenges, some of which they probably never thought they would have to deal with. One of those could be maintaining personal hygiene.

The loss of muscle mass.

As people get older, usually starting in their 40s, it becomes more and more difficult to build muscle. As people move through their 40s, 50s, and 60s, it starts to become more challenging just to maintain the muscle they had, especially if they had bulked up in their teenage years, 20s, or 30s.

When they reach their 70s, the loss of muscle begins to increase. As people lose more muscle mass, it starts to affect their physical capabilities, including their balance. When that begins to happen, the simple act of stepping into and out of the shower, especially if they have to lift up over a tub lip, can be nerve-racking.

In some situations, seniors begin to withdraw from personal hygiene. They may not feel there’s any real need to put themselves at unnecessary risk, especially if they believe they could slip and fall at any time in the shower. They may also not see the reason to take a shower, bathe, wash their face, keep their hair clean, or do other personal hygiene steps if they don’t visit with people very often.

When the senior moves into assisted living, things change.

Not only will the senior be surrounded by others their own age, they will probably be more inspired to stay active. When that happens, hopefully they will want to maintain their personal hygiene like they used to, at least as close as they can, given the circumstances.

The staff members at assisted living are there to help elderly residents get into and out of the shower if needed. They are also there to help with other tasks necessary for basic daily life.

Anyone who has a senior who is struggling with their basic care at home might want to look into the prospect of assisted living. There are many assisted living communities all across the country that are ideally suited to help seniors in their time of need.

Maintaining good hygiene at home might be overwhelming for some, but when they choose assisted living for their future, they quickly realize it’s more comfortable and easier to do with strong, professional, courteous support and assistance daily.

Another benefit to choosing assisted living, especially with regard to personal hygiene, is they won’t have to worry about embarrassment in leaning on an adult child or some other family member, especially for taking a shower.

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