Senior Housing in Terrell Hills TX

Senior Housing in Terrell Hills TX

Since your dad passed away two years ago, you have watched your mom decline socially. Her health is in relatively good condition but you fear that the isolation she now succumbs to is going to have a negative impact, not just socially, but physically and mentally as well.

Your mom and dad did just about everything together. They had a deep love for one another in which they never grew tired of the other’s company. The death of your father was unexpected and took everyone in the family by surprise. Your mom is devastated and doesn’t even seem to want to go on.

In talking with other family members and friends, the topic of assisted living was brought up. You began to research assisted living facilities in the area and quickly realized this could be exactly what your mom needs.

You were so excited to learn of all the wonderful things your mom could partake of once again. You rushed over to her house immediately to share this wonderful news. As soon as the words assisted living came out of your mouth, she shut you down. Refused to listen to anything else you had to say.

A few weeks have passed and you have tried on several occasions to broach the subject. It always turned into an argument with her yelling, “You want me to leave this house I’ve known for most of my life and leave all the wonderful memories of your father behind?”

You let the subject go for a few more weeks but watching your mom become secluded and depressed left you with such an ache in your heart, it was starting to affect your happiness.

One day you invited your mom out to lunch. She was hesitant at first but finally agreed. You decided to surprise her by taking her to an assisted living facility and hoping that by seeing and learning more, she would be more open to the idea. A tour of the place was all set up when you arrived and you did have lunch there.

Upon arrival, your mom was not too happy and felt that you had tricked her. However, you convinced her to just take a look around. As you and your mom approached the building, she couldn’t help but notice how pretty the grounds were and even commented.

The staff was very friendly and informative. While having lunch, she was able to see other residents her age and how happy they appeared to be. The tour concluded with a list of services and activities they offered.

Surprisingly, your mom seemed a bit more uplifted as you left the facility. You weren’t sure if she was happy to just be getting out of there or if she enjoyed tour. The ride back home was pleasant so you took that as a good sign.

A few days later, she called you and invited you over to talk. After seeing the environment at the facility and what they offered, she decided she would like to consider assisted living.

While arranging a surprise visit to a facility with a loved one may work in some cases, some may still be resistant to the idea. With some elderly loved ones it may be best to ask them outright if they would take the tour with you.

In the end, it is their choice whether or not to go with the option of assisted living but having as much information as you can to provide them will certainly make a big difference in influencing their decision.

For more information about Pipestone Place Assisted Living in San Antonio, TX or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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