Senior Housing in Terrell Hills TX

Senior Housing in Terrell Hills TXHospice care is often thought of as being for terminally ill patients who are in the final days or weeks of their life. Many people envision hospice care as being devoted to those who are bedridden, barely conscious, and unable to move very much. In reality, true hospice care can be provided for individuals who are within 12 months of their estimated life expectancy, but who may very well be able to move around, take care of many things on their own, and do a lot of activities.

When it comes to assisted living, a person may rely on some type of hospice care during the final months or year of their life.

Essentially, a person may have been diagnosed with some disease, perhaps cancer or other medical ailment, and finally decided to no longer push through with certain treatment options. They’ve accepted the reality of the situation.

However, they still want to be comfortable and maintain as high a quality of life for their final months as possible. This is where hospice care can come in handy.

An experienced hospice care provider may be beneficial, even at assisted living.

Someone who has given up treatment options for cancer, for example, or perhaps congenital heart failure, will still be able to get around. They will still be able to take part in various activities, watch some movies in the entertainment facility, and spend quality time with friends throughout the facility.

However, some of those activities may become difficult. For somebody diagnosed with congenital heart failure, for example, they may require a lot of extra time just walking down the hall, getting down stairs, or moving throughout the facility. They might rely on a wheelchair at some point in time.

When the senior needs rest, when he or she has to take a shower, needs to get out of bed, or has other activities to do and they need help, relying on a hospice care provider can be a great asset.

The main focus of hospice care is to provide a comfortable environment for an elderly individual in this type of situation while also maintaining a high quality of life. A person’s address doesn’t change the fact they have every right to a high quality of life, even if their life is now being counted in months rather than years.

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