bigstock Handicap Bathtub 7677642Assisted living can be wonderful asset for people at various stages of life as they get older. Some communities are designed for seniors 65 and over only while others go down to 55 and older requirements. One common question aging men and women have when it comes to assisted living communities is just how much assistance a person needs in order to be disqualified from even contemplating this for their future.

In other words, if somebody requires a tremendous amount of direct medical attention throughout the day and during the overnight hours, would assisted living be an optimal solution for them?

In many cases, the answer would be no. While assisted living is designed to provide support and safety for aging men and women, it is not the same thing as a nursing home. Too many people confuse assisted living communities and nursing home care. If somebody requires extensive direct medical attention on a regular basis throughout the day and night, assisted living may not be the optimal solution for them.

What about minimal assistance?

In other words, what kind of support devices may be considered commonplace at some assisted living facilities or in some residential rooms?

Shower seats.

A shower seat allows an aging person to sit down while bathing. This keeps their legs from growing tired, which could increase the risk of tripping or slipping when getting out. A shower seat is a minimal thing, but it can offer a great support system.

Bed rails.

If some seniors are at an elevated risk of falling out of bed during the night, then these bed rails would be a wonderful asset. It doesn’t mean they can’t get out of bed safely on their own, but only that it could be a risk if they have a tendency to roll over too much at night.

Grab bars.

Like a shower seat, grab bars can provide something for seniors to hold onto while getting into and out of the shower or easing down onto or getting back up from the toilet. These may even be situated in almost every room in a given assisted living facility.

Supportive staff.

Experienced staff members at a quality assisted living community will be available to assist residents when they need some type of physical support. For example, an aging resident might not need help every morning getting out of bed, some days, especially if they have arthritis that is inflamed, it may be extremely painful or difficult for them to maintain their balance.

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