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Senior Living in San Antonio TXIt’s the holiday season. It’s usually a time for people to celebrate family, friends, and get together with people they haven’t seen in a long time. This holiday, though, a senior may be moving into assisted living for the first time.

It’s not always easy, especially during the holidays.

An elderly individual who has been living alone for quite some time may look forward to the holidays as their one opportunity to hear from their children, grandchildren, siblings, and other family members or friends who may be scattered all across the country.

They may have grown accustomed to hosting people at their house or at least visiting with an adult child’s family, for example. This year, though, their recent -or soon to be- move into assisted living is changing plans.

They might be assuming that since they’ll be surrounded by others, especially peers their own age, their family won’t need them around. They may assume that because they’re heading into this new living situation they won’t get visitors as often.

How to make this move more comfortable.

Even for those seniors who may have had a tendency to spend the holidays alone, mostly because they were unable to travel, it’s a good idea to plan a family gathering, either at the facility if they permit that, at a restaurant, or at another family member’s house.

Include the senior in these holiday plans. If the family’s going to be traveling this holiday season, it may not be practical to bring that elderly loved one along. That all depends on their physical capabilities and how travel impacts them.

If this is the case, it’s a good idea to contact the administrative staff at the assisted living facility and see what activities, events, special dining plans and menus, and other things that will be going on throughout the season.

There may be some things that a senior would look forward to doing or taking part in. It’s also important that family members keep in touch with their loved ones during the holiday season.

For some people, out of sight means out of mind. If they’re not seeing this individual on a regular basis, it becomes far too easy to simply offer a quick phone call on Christmas Day, on Thanksgiving Day, or at some other point in and around those holiday seasons. When a person is making a move like this, it’s more important than ever that their loved ones pay attention to them, give them some attention, and make sure they help them feel as comfortable as possible, and that they’re loved during this time of the year.

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