Assisted living facilities usually provide three meals a day for senior residents, served in the dining room of the facility. Some of the more flexible facilities allow seniors to assisted living san antonio - snackschoose among a few different “seatings” for each meal, or may even operate much like a restaurant, allowing residents to come and eat whenever they please. Regardless of the meals offered at the facility or how often your loved one is given access to these meals, she should always have snacks in her home. If your loved one wakes in the middle of the night feeling hungry, or needs a little pick-me-up in the afternoon but isn’t ready for a full meal, she will need to have items available in her own unit that allow her to snack freely and avoid the discomfort and frustration of being hungry.

Snacks for seniors in assisted living facilities should be easy to prepare, easy to eat and nutritious, while still being appealing to your loved one. Don’t forget to also throw a few special “treats” in so your loved one can indulge himself every so often. Some ideas for simple snacks to provide your loved one in the assisted living facility include:

  • Fresh fruit such as bananas, apples and oranges
  • Chopped fresh vegetables with a favorite salad dressing
  • Cubed cheese and crackers
  • Cottage cheese and chunks of pineapple
  • Greek yogurt served with granola or whole-grain “nugget” type cereal
  • Animal crackers
  • Mixed nuts
  • Dehydrated fruit, nuts and mini chocolate chips

If you have time to visit your loved one each morning, you can create delicious, extra nutritious fruit smoothies that can be kept in the refrigerator and sipped throughout the day. To create these, use a blender to process Greek yogurt, silken tofu, frozen fruit and fruit juice until smooth. For extra decadence, add two scoops of vanilla protein powder, a splash of milk and extra fruit to create a thick, ice cream-like concoction that is delectable, refreshing and packed with nutrients.

Make sure that your loved one is able to eat all of the snacks you provide unattended. If she has chewing problems or is prone to choking, avoid anything that could be dangerous as you can never really control what your loved one will choose when you are not in the home.

You should also provide plenty of bottled water, or a filter-equipped pitcher of water in the refrigerator. If the water is easily available, your loved one is more likely to drink more of it throughout the day.

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