Step-by-Step Guide to Transitioning into Assisted Living

Moving can be an emotional and stressful time for anyone, but when a senior is transitioning into assisted living it can be evenAssisted Living Caregiver with Senior more overwhelming. The transition into a senior care living arrangement can be frightening, but by helping your aging loved one plan ahead, you can focus on the excitement that this fresh chapter in her life offers. Remind your aging loved one that by transitioning into an assisted living facility she is going to have more freedom, a more exciting social life and less stress having to worry about the maintenance of a home. Sit down together and plan out the move so that you both feel confident and ready to see this transition as embarking on a new adventure.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you prepare for the transition into an assisted living facility:

2 to 3 Months Prior to the Move

  • Explore the assisted living facility, in particular an example of the unit where your loved one will live so that you can get an idea as to where personal belongings will be
  • Identify what pieces of furniture and other large items will fit in the unit and create a floor plan so that you can determine where furniture will be placed
  • Collect estimates from moving companies and truck rental companies so you can choose either professional moving or a do-it-yourself move
  • Work with other members of the family to create a total inventory of every item in the home


6 Weeks to 1 Month Prior to the Move

  • Fill out change of address information with the post office, bank and anyone else who may need this information
  • Obtain copies of medical records to have on file
  • Have all valuable items appraised and cleaned
  • Make a reservation with the rental company or movers
  • Begin to collect packing materials and begin to pack up belongings that will not be needed in the coming weeks
  • Have furniture clean
  • Gather all important legal, financial and personal documents, including insurance documents, birth certificates, family records, medical and dental records, legal forms and identification


2 to 3 Weeks Prior to the Move

  • Hold a garage sale for any unneeded items
  • Donate or dispose of any items that are not sold
  • Schedule the disconnection of utilities and cable for the day after your loved one moves
  • Verify that all doctors and pharmacies have the new address, and that your loved one has an appropriate supply of all of his medications


1 Week Prior to the Move

  • Pack a suitcase with clothing, toiletries and other items that will be needed in the first few days living in the new home
  • Collect your loved one’s checkbook, keys, medications, credit cards and other important items together
  • Make sure that everything that will not be immediately needed prior to the move is packed


Day of Move

  • Make sure that you get plenty of sleep the day before the move
  • Begin early in the day so that you don’t need to rush
  • Check the home carefully to make sure nothing has been forgotten, don’t forget closets, drawers, the attic, the basement and any other small storage areas
  • Make sure that everything is turned off
  • Once you arrive at the new home, go through your inventory to make sure you have everything that you need
    • Unpack only what is necessary for the first couple of days and then give your loved one the opportunity to rest and relax.

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