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Personal Care Homes in San Antonio, TXMoving is one of the top five stressors that people experience in life. Even moving into a new house that the person had been saving for for many years can be an incredibly stressful event. When a senior is encouraged by family members and maybe even friends to move into an assisted living facility, they could run through a wide range of emotions.

This change in lifestyle and surroundings can be incredibly stressful. It’s important to understand the senior has every right to determine their course of care and whether or not they wish to move into an assisted living community or not. Family members may strongly suggest or urge their elderly loved one to consider this option, but it should never be forced upon senior.

As long as the senior is fully willing and able to move into an assisted living facility, they may run through an emotional roller coaster as they approach that moving date. This emotional roller coaster can begin with apprehension.

When people don’t know what to expect, they can be apprehensive. They may have a tendency to wonder what might happen, whether or not they are going to be capable of handling the changes ahead, and wondering whether or not they will be able to sleep, if they would like the people living near them, and more.

Making that initial decision may have been one of wary trepidation or it could’ve been done with enthusiasm. In either case, at some point in time the senior is likely going to be excited about the prospect because getting out of the same old routine can be inspiring.

As the move-in date approaches, they could return to that apprehensive mood and have many questions. They could second-guess themselves and begin questioning whether or not this the right decision for them at this time.

On the date of the move, they may have a tendency to try and control everything, including family members who are assisting them with this move. They might direct people what to do, what to leave, what to take, and more. That may be their way of dealing with the stress and anxiety.

Once they move in and settle in, the emotional roller coaster will continue for some time. It’s important that they get engaged within their new community. There are many activities seniors can do at assisted living and the senior should be encouraged to participate in at least a few of them during those first few weeks. They will likely meet people they can get along with well and eventually the roller coaster ride will slowly come to an end and they will be comfortable and happy.

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