bigstock Care Worker Helping Senior Wom 103455707Arthritis is a serious condition that affects millions of people throughout the country every single year. In most cases, it’s going to become more challenging, more painful, and that can complicate life for a person in their senior years. Assisted living is a wonderful option for aging men and women to consider, and if somebody has arthritis, there are numerous reasons why this might be a better option, especially if they are currently living alone.

The support provided at quality assisted living facilities.

One of the key factors that makes assisted living such a wonderful option for aging men and women, whether they are dealing with arthritis, some other health related issue, or simply have difficulty with their mobility due to age is the support. Experienced staff members will be tantamount to a quality assisted living community.

This kind of support not only refers to the emotional encouragement, answering questions, and possibly even offering reminders about when it’s time to take certain medications, but also physical support.

Not the same as nursing homes, assisted living can provide some limited physical assistance to some of their residents, depending on those specific needs. If a person dealing with arthritis, for example, wakes up one morning and has an extreme case, a flare up, and is having difficulty just getting out of bed, holding a toothbrush, or doing other basic activities, they could call on staff to help them at that particular time.

If this is a recurring, chronic condition that requires significant physical assistance just to get out of bed, get dressed, get into and out of the shower, and so on, most assisted living facilities may not be properly staffed or equipped to handle those challenges.

How to convince someone to consider assisted living.

For any individual who has a parent, grandparent, spouse, or somebody else they care about in their advanced years also dealing with the pain of regular flare ups, making it extremely difficult to remain safe at home, assisted living can be a great option.

Talk about the things he/she can no longer do. Discuss the challenges they face on a regular basis. Explain what a particular assisted living facility might be able to offer them. Discuss the pressure supporting them places on their spouse, friends, neighbors, and others.

People want to live full, happy, confident lives and that’s not always feasible when struggling alone at home. Assisted living provides the option of something better.

For more information about assisted living facilities in Hollywood Park, TX, contact Pipestone Place Assisted Living or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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