Assisted Living in Hollywood Park, TXWhen you think about the term ‘assisted living,’ does it conjure up a certain image in your mind? Does it make you think about a bunch of elderly residents who are in poor health, who are wheelchair bound or rely on walkers, who sit around a TV in the common room, just staring off into space? If so, then you don’t know much about assisted living at all.

Hollywood has taken great liberties in the way that it has portrayed this level of care for elderly individuals, making it seem that there is little difference between an assisted living facility and nursing home care.

However, in reality the two are nothing alike. Nursing homes are designed to help people who require a high level of direct nursing care. These could be for individuals who are unable to care for themselves and require constant care or for people who are recovering from a major illness or injury and who have been released from the hospital, but who are not yet ready to go home. A person who has broken his or her hip could be a candidate for temporary nursing home care.

These facilities are reminiscent of hospitals; they are not overly comfortable and usually have two or more people to a room. There may be common rooms where patients can go and watch TV or play games with one another, but they are generally served meals in their beds, or in a cafeteria.

Assisted living is much different, but how different will depend on the actual facility that you are looking into. Some communities will actually have the feel of an apartment for your elderly loved one. You would walk into the lobby, be met with staff who will determine that you have a right to be there (security, ensuring the safety of their residents) and then allow you up to visit with your loved one.

Aside from that, you will likely find that these facilities have many amenities that might remind you of an upscale hotel or apartment complex. There could be walking paths around the grounds outside the building, there might be a restaurant where residents could eat, and game or activity rooms. There may be exercise facilities as well, including trainers to help residents get the most out of their exercise regimens.

Many residents of these assisted living communities quickly find that they are comfortable there and make great new friends. Sometimes there’s no place like home and when you call home where you hang your hat, it’s a great feeling.

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