Three Amazing Things Some Seniors Realize When They First Move into an Assisted Living Facility

Three Amazing Things Some Seniors Realize When They First Move into an Assisted Living Facility

Choosing assisted living is not going to be easy for everyone. Some seniors will have an extremely difficult time even accepting the idea of moving from the home they may have lived at for several years, possibly even decades.

In reality, though, many seniors often discover that assisted living is a great option. Even those who were either pessimistic, suspicious, or downright hostile to the idea of assisted living at first become more open to it once they finally move in and begin seeing firsthand what is available. Below are three amazing things that some (actually, more than a few) discover and realize when they finally do move into assisted living.

1. They are not alone in how they feel.

Many seniors honestly believe they’re the only ones who understand exactly what it’s like to get older and deal with this particular health issue, physical limitation, anxiety, stress, and so on. What many of these men and women ultimately realize is their emotions, their observations, and even their concerns are understood by the vast majority of peers their own age.

It’s a wonderful feeling to have those emotions validated. It also helps them connect with other seniors who are coping with some of the same challenges they’ve been facing recently.

2. It is more comfortable than they thought it would be.

Unfortunately, too many elderly men and women believe that assisted living is no different than nursing home care. This is one of the primary reasons they’re resistant to the idea of even contemplating this for their future. When they finally agree, often in a resigned manner (as though they have no other option) they are completely surprised to see they have their own room, can live as independently as they want, and aren’t going to be hooked up to monitors and other machines in a hospital style room that is commonly associated with nursing home care.

In fact, they are often surprised at the entertainment, dining facility, activity center, and sitting rooms that may be available at a particular assisted living community.

3. They are fully independent.

They assumed they would lose their independence by choosing assisted living. Many of these seniors are completely and wonderfully surprised to realize they still maintain full control over their life, the things they do, and the things they ultimately enjoy.

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