Senior Living in San Antonio TX

Beginning any search for a new home will be an emotional one. For an older American, assisted living can be one of the best assets to consider, but even if they are excited about the prospect of moving, there will likely be trepidation.

They will be nervous. It’s important to be diligent in one’s search so they choose the right facility for their needs, personality, and expectations. When searching for an assisted living facility, below are three critical questions one may wish to ask of the administrative staff.

Asking these questions can dig deep down and uncover whether this particular facility will truly be the right one for this senior or if they should continue looking to find one that will meet their requirements. It is also possible that a senior has misconceptions or the wrong ideas about what assisted living could or should offer and may eventually determine they have to change their mindset first.

Critical Question #1: Where is it located?

This isn’t necessarily a question to ask administrators because a simple search online can help somebody see where, exactly, the assisted living facility is located geographically. What this question is more about involves where the senior wishes to live.

For example, many family members may expect their aging parent or grandparent to move closer to them and their family. However, that aging senior has lived in the same community most of their adult life; they may want to be closer to friends at this point in their life.

This should be not just acceptable, but embraced. It’s not a sleight against family; it is simply their desire that should be respected.

Critical Question #2: What are the dining options?

Not every assisted living facility is the same. Some have a cafeteria style eatery while others have a three or four star restaurant with an on-site chef and exceptional menu.

Having a quality dining option provides residents an opportunity to enjoy their meals, live like they’re in an upscale environment, and get the nutrition their body requires.

Critical Question #3: What levels of support does this assisted living facility offer residents?

Because many of the residents may have limited mobility and some might be dealing with health issues, staff should provide at least a modicum of physical assistance. They may offer help for seniors to get out of bed, to bathe, reminders about medications, help navigating the grounds, and so forth.

However, each facility is different, so it’s important not to impute one facility’s support and idea of assistance onto another. Find out exactly what each assisted living community offers residents as far as support is concerned.

For more information about senior living in San Antonio, TX, contact Pipestone Place Assisted Living or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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