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At first you might’ve had certain reservations about your father moving into an assisted living community. He may have had friends who chose this particular living situation and absolutely loved it, but you weren’t so sure. After all, it is a considerable monthly expense and you’re worried your father is throwing his money away.

While it may be true that there are certain preconceptions people have about assisted living from the past, most of these facilities today are much different than they were just 20 or 30 years ago. Here are three potential signs that may indicate your father is actually doing quite well since he has moved into this particular environment.

Sign #1: He is active.

There are so many activities for seniors to do at most assisted living facilities that they can they occupied every single day, seven days a week. There are simple activities that are designed for seniors, many of these facilities have exercise rooms, and they even have excursions out in public. If your father is constantly talking about all of the things he’s doing, assisted living is working out great for him.

Sign #2: He is healthy.

Eating right and getting exercise and staying active are essential components of any elderly individual and staying healthy. If your father had a tendency to skip meals at home because he lived alone and didn’t see the benefit in eating right, didn’t stay active or spend time with friends, but he’s looking great, seeming to be in physically fit condition, and more, it’s a good sign.

Many assisted living staff members will reach out to residents and encourage them to take part in a host of various activities. They aren’t going to force anyone to do something they don’t really want to do, but that encouragement can be all that’s necessary for somebody to check out the restaurant, eat healthy, eat breakfast and lunch and dinner, and maybe even exercise once in a while.

Sign #3: He would prefer to stay where he is for some holidays.

Holidays are a time for families to get together, but sometimes certain holidays, like Thanksgiving, may be a time when your father may want to spend time with his friends who may not have family in the area.

If he is happy and content at the assisted living community, he may be more inclined to prefer to stay there on certain occasions.

There are many others subtler signs, but if you notice he seems happy and healthy, then assisted living was the right option.

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