There comes a time when you realize that your elderly loved one needs some level of care more than what they are getting at the moment. They might be having trouble tending to their own basic care needs at home, and you want to get them to consider moving to assisted living.

You also know that the decision is theirs, that you can’t make their mind up for them, so you need to be careful not to force them into considering any options. Here are some ideas that could help you when you’re bringing the subject of assisted living up with them.

Keep the conversation upbeat and positive.

Nothing causes people to lose interest in something more than being negative. Even if you think that you’re only highlighting certain aspects of their health and well-being that they simply aren’t able to tend to at the moment, when you bring up negative things, you’re going to turn the conversation into a negative one.

Focus on the positive aspects about what an assisted living facility could offer them. Talk about all of the activities that they could take part in, the people they could meet, or the people that they already know who might be living in a particular assisted living facility already.

Focus on safety and ensuring that they are healthy.

Some people with dementia or other mental issues may have trouble following with, to you, might seem like a logical explanation. Focus on their safety and that their doctor feels they would be safer and have better long-term health options, or an outlook, if they moved into assisted living.

Talk about all of the amenities that the facility offers.

Many of today’s assisted living communities offer restaurant style eating areas, rather than cafeterias, activity rooms, entertainment centers, and even exercise gyms. Focus on all of the positives that they offer, especially focusing on those things that you know your loved one will take an interest in.

Allow time for the information to sink in.

Give your loved one time to think about the things that you’ve said about assisted living. Don’t expect him or her to agree to move into a facility right away just because you mentioned it.

Yes, you may know that your loved one needs help, but pushing him or her into making a decision right away will generally force them to dig their heels in and be adamantly opposed to the idea. Always practice patience and learn as much as you can about assisted living so that you could answer the questions they have as they come up.

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