Assisted Living in Terrell Hills, TX – Alzheimer’s Patients Need Specialized Care 

When Ethel was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s many years ago, she and the rest of her family didn’t know what to expect. They were concerned about her well-being and were worried that she may not be able to cope well enough on her own. They wanted her to be safe at home, and the more they did to support her, the more it seemed that she needed and it got to the point where they were at a loss. Assisted living was a topic that came up, but because of her diagnosis, her adult children didn’t think that it was a viable option.

They also talked about hiring an agency to provide care at home, but she was still isolated and alone. She lived in a relatively rural community and there weren’t many things for her to do. She didn’t have any friends in the area any longer and she often wished (during lucid moments) that she was somewhere that she could make friends again.

One of her doctors talked to her oldest daughter when she brought Ethel to an appointment and told her that she should seriously consider some type of memory care assisted living. He told her that having the right level of experienced support could make a significant difference in her life.

The problem was that they didn’t know if there were any facilities that could provide that level of care. At least they didn’t know until they began to look into assisted living options.

What they quickly learned was that their mother could move into a number of facilities in the area, almost all of which had other residents living there who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. It wasn’t all that uncommon to find Alzheimer’s assisted living communities.

These weren’t communities or residences that had only patients with this disease, but that they had the resources, experienced staff members, and capabilities to help not only improve the quality of life for their residences, but to also provide them a high level of memory care.

Ethel and her children learned that the more she did to exercise her mind, the better it was going to be for her over time, especially as the disease progressed. There was no cure and that was something they had known from the beginning, but with the right assisted living community, she could take part in activities and other things that would improve the overall quality of life as well as her mind’s strength.

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