bigstock Senior Couple Being Served Mea 15902081Being a family caregiver is difficult. Whether it’s for a disabled adult child, a spouse who recently suffered a major medical emergency or injuries in an accident, or an aging parent or grandparent, being a caregiver is tough.

For an aging senior, assisted living is a great option to consider. You may have avoided the topic for one reason or another, but as stress increases in your life as a family caregiver, you will want to consider all options.

Will this senior agree?

That’s a question each person needs to confront themselves. Not all seniors are going to choose assisted living for themselves.

Some will have various misconceptions about what assisted living truly is. Many people incorrectly associate assisted living with nursing home care.

The two are completely different, but assisted living often drags along the misnomer improperly. In reality, assisted living offers aging seniors an opportunity to maximize their quality of life, participate in various activities, surround themselves with peers their own age, possibly even friends they haven’t seen in a long time, and live as independently as they can and want.

If this aging parent or grandparent might be resistant to the idea of assisted living, understand that before you broach the topic.

Talk about things they may have given up.

Is your loved one spending most of his or her day alone? Do they miss spending quality time with friends? Did they used to play card games like bridge or board games or do puzzles with some of their friends, but because they no longer drive and have difficulty getting around are unable to participate in these activities?

What about going for a nice, casual stroll on a warm spring or summer day? Did they use to go to the park and feed the birds, people watch, or just get some exercise?

What about movies and other forms of entertainment? Are they able to do that with others?

These are questions to begin asking and talking about. When people are confronted with things they wish they could still do, but currently can’t, and are led to believe some of them are still possible, they will want to know more.

That’s when you can transition to conversation toward assisted living. More seniors, when they realize the benefits assisted living could offer them as far as quality of life is concerned, will be much more open to the concept and more likely to agree.

With a move to assisted living, you might be able to alleviate much of that caregiver stress you currently experience.

For more information about senior housing in Terrell Hills, TX, contact Pipestone Place Assisted Living or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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