Why Do Some Adult Children Suddenly Second-Guess Their Decision to Consider Assisted Living?

Why Do Some People Suddenly Second-Guess Their Decision to Consider Assisted Living?

Spending more and more time out of your everyday life looking after an aging parent, spouse, older sibling, or even a disabled adult child is going to create a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety. For those looking after seniors, they may reach a point when they desperately search for other options. One of the best options is to consider assisted living.

While this may be a wonderful thing for many seniors, some family, especially those who have been considered caregivers for quite some time, may feel a tinge of guilt after suggesting their elderly mother or father, for example, look into this option.

Guilt is a driving motivator.

Guilt is one of the most powerful motivators we have in life. A person who feels guilty because they suddenly suggested assisted living instead of continuing to sacrifice, give up their personal time, favorite television programs, time with friends, and so on, could cause an individual to second-guess what they were thinking in the first place.

What happens when these thoughts sneak in?

First and foremost, an elderly person who is living alone and having difficulty with any kind with daily life would do well to at least consider assisted living. Just talking about assisted living does not mean an elderly person has to commit to making this decision for their future. However, dismissing it outright, especially when there are so many misconceptions surrounding this option, is doing a disservice to that individual.

One of the best things anyone can do is go on a tour.

A quality assisted living facility is going to provide the option for prospective residents and a few family members or friends to go on a tour. Usually these tours are at pre-designated times during the week, most commonly on the weekends, but they provide insight into what the facility offers, the incredible benefits it provides, and allows aging men and women to see exactly what life at that community would be like.

When people go on tours of quality assisted living communities, they often put away their preconceived notions and misconceptions about it and ultimately realize that yes, this truly is a great option to consider moving forward. When that happens, the feelings of guilt or second-guessing of one’s desire to at least talk about it slip away and that makes it much easier to come up with the right decision for this aging senior and his or her family moving forward.

For more information about assisted living in Shavano Park, TX, contact Pipestone Place Assisted Living or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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