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Will Your Senior Be Happy Moving Into Assisted Living?

People have a tendency to look out for those they care about, especially if they are close friends or family. When an aging family member is living alone and has difficulty taking care of themselves in a healthy, their family members might try to convince them or encourage them to look at other options. Assisted living is one of the best options.

But, that senior will never realize this if people don’t talk to them about it.

There may be this tendency among family and friends to avoid the topic of assisted living out of concern for that individual’s outlook. These family and friends may simply assume this senior has zero interest in exploring the topic of assisted living, and that could be driven by many factors.

One factor could be how long this senior has lived in the same place.

If he or she has been living in the same house for decades, raised a family there, and have many wonderful memories with their spouse and others, it’s easy to assume they are going to be far more reluctant to give up this home environment for something completely different and foreign.

Another factor could be things the senior says over time.

If an elderly person has talked about a friend who moved into assisted living or even a nursing home and has mentioned in the past they don’t want to do that for themselves, at all, it may be assumed that the topic and discussion are closed. However, that senior could have certain preconceived notions and misconceptions about assisted living that could easily be refuted with some facts and other evidences.

The best thing to do is begin a conversation about assisted living.

Making assumptions about what a senior would or would not prefer is actually doing a disservice to that individual. Many seniors simply don’t know a great deal about assisted living, aside from what another family member or friend may have reported back to them. The vast majority of seniors have no direct experience with this type of long-term care facility, but when they learn about the various activities, entertainment, dining options, support, and more, they are often far more willing to at least look into it for themselves.

When beginning this conversation, be respectful, patient, and listen more than you talk. We have two ears and one mouth for a reason: to listen twice as much as we speak. This will give the senior a true sense that you and other family members want what’s best for them, but also respect their desires.

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