Assisted Living in San Antonio, TX

Assisted Living in San Antonio, TXMaybe you had been trying to convince your aging mother that it was time to look into assisted living, but for the longest time she resisted. She might have been content to remain within the comfort of her home for nostalgic reasons, because that’s where she spent the majority of her life with your father, or for a number of other reasons.

You knew she needed assistance throughout the day, but she continued to deny her own limitations and challenges. You supported her when you could, but being busy with your full-time job and other responsibilities, you just couldn’t be there for her as often as you wanted to be.

Over the months that may have turned into years, your stress and anxiety about her safety and well-being continued to develop and grow. You may not realize it, but your mother may actually be considering moving into an assisted living facility now, even if she had been adamantly against the idea previously. Here are three potential signs that could indicate this change of heart and why it’s important to pay attention to the subtle clues or cues.

Sign #1: She begins talking about friends who have moved to assisted living. If your mother is talking about some of her friends who are now living in an assisted community, whether they recently moved into these facilities or have been there for years, it’s usually a sign she is expressing some type of interest.

Talking about the things her friends are doing, the restaurant where they eat every day, and more could be her way of telling you she’s ready to have this conversation.

Sign #2: She is expressing concern about her own safety at home. If she hadn’t been too concerned about her safety in the past, she might be talking about concerns she has, such as nervousness when getting up and down the stairs, getting out of bed, or other such things because of diminished strength. This could be her roundabout way of telling you she’s looking into other options.

Sign #3: She is asking more questions about it. If your mother is now beginning to ask some questions about assisted living, it’s time to take them seriously. Even if she once said she would never move into one of these facilities, things change. When she begins asking questions and wants to learn more about it, that’s when you know it’s time to sit down and have a more serious conversation about her future.

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