Quality Care

With our holistic approach to residential assisted living, Pipestone Place has been providing exceptional care and touching lives for over a decade. Our highly trained San Antonio senior care team specializes in memory care and is truly invested in ensuring each resident’s quality of life and wellbeing are improved by their personalized care plans.

It pays to be selective about your loved one’s care, not only for their health and happiness, but for your own peace of mind. Our smaller and altogether more intimate San Antonio senior care community boasts an impressive caregiver to resident ratio that is more than double that of many larger institutional facilities.

For residents requiring memory care, this higher staff to resident ratio is vital, allowing for a greater level of attention and supervision around the clock. Your loved one’s caregivers will work diligently to meet all their physical, emotional, and healthcare needs.



Personalized Support

We recognize and acknowledge that each of our residents are completely individual, with their own unique needs, personalities and wishes. Everything from your loved one’s dietary requirements and assistance with daily life to their personal care needs and preferred routines will be considered, providing a seamless and stress-free transition from home to residential care. Each of our residents are provided with a personalized care plan, which considers a range of factors to ensure they can live a happy and healthy life in their new home.

In addition, our San Antonio senior care team and optimum staffing ratios mean that each of our residents will receive all the time and care they need. In larger assisted living or skilled nursing facilities, staff may not have enough hours in the day to provide each resident with the attention and assistance they truly deserve. As a small residential assisted living community, our staff have the training, genuine care and crucially, the time to create an enriching ‘home from home’ environment for each one of our wonderful residents.

Holistic Care

We strive to provide only the best holistic care for our residents, catering to their physical, health and memory care needs alongside their emotional and social needs. We know that creating a rich and engaging environment is equally as important as taking care of their basic needs and is crucial in cultivating the true home environment we pride ourselves on providing.

Our caregivers are here to assist residents with those day-to-day activities that can become a little more difficult as we age, providing everything from laundry and housekeeping services right through to transportation and general daily assistance. The aim of residential assisted living that we keep close to our heart is allowing our residents to remain as independent as possible, while also being able to enjoy a life free from worry and risk.

Providing dignified personal care is a top priority at Pipestone Place, and our excellent staff to patient numbers mean that your loved one will receive all the time and care they need. Adapting to reduced independence can be incredibly challenging for the elderly or those suffering from memory loss, and we will always strive to ensure the process is respectful, dignified, and positive for our residents.

Assisting our residents in maintaining optimum mental health and wellbeing is a core component of our mission. The transition from living independently, with home health or at home caregivers to a residential assisted living community can be stressful and confusing, particularly for those with memory loss. We are here to make sure that the move is as smooth and positive as possible for your loved one.

Beyond the moving period, we regularly host a range of cognitive, recreational, and spiritual activities for our residents to enjoy. The emotional wellbeing of our residents will always remain a top priority, and we will always strive to make sure they feel happy and mentally stimulated in their new home. We also provide daily wellness monitoring for all of our residents.

Of course, having the opportunity to make friends and socialize is incredibly important in maintaining emotional health and wellbeing. We recognize this and regularly host social events, alongside providing day-to-day social opportunities and activities for our residents. Our emphasis on providing residents with a rich social calendar to meet their needs and interests encourages new friendships to blossom, while simultaneously promoting physical activity and cognitive stimulation.

Memory Care

As a San Antonio assisted living home community specializing in memory care, we are experts in memory loss and attending to the unique needs of each individual resident. Perhaps your loved one is becoming irritable, confused, or nervous because of their memory loss and you are no longer able to safely provide them with the level of care they need. You are certainly not alone in this experience, and we understand how difficult it may be. You can feel assured that our specialized caregivers are experts in supporting residents suffering with memory loss and will make every effort to cater to your loved one’s needs.

Our caregivers are fully trained to handle medication management for residents who need this extra assistance. Again, we completely understand that handing over responsibility of your loved one’s healthcare can be difficult and anxiety-inducing, but we assure you all of your relative’s specialized needs will be met and diligently monitored.

Retain Independence 

Opting for residential assisted living over a larger institution crucially allows your loved one to remain as independent as they can safely be, while providing a more authentic home environment for them to enjoy. Our residential community can provide that important balance of excellent care, independence, privacy and opportunity for social interaction.

We never forget that our residents are unique individuals, with their own rich life experiences and exceptional personalities. By choosing Pipestone Place Assisted Living for your loved one, you can provide them with the level of care they deserve, while also providing yourself with the peace of mind that they are happy, healthy and in caring hands.