Our Team become your extended family. Everyone at Pipestone Place offers the support and care you and your loved ones expect and would provide in your own home.

Samuel Vesa

I enjoy working, but when I’m not working, I love spending time with my family and the coolest kid, my son.  We visit the zoo and ride the train often. We play games and just have fabulous fun.  I enjoy reading every chance I get.  My favorite pie is pumpkin pie.


Socorro N.

I enjoy jogging in my neighborhood, going to the park with my children and trying new restaurants, especially Chinese food (Golden Wok is my favorite). I also enjoy going to the movie theatre with my children and listening to Jazz music whenever I can.

Daniella C.

I love to cook and try out new recipes while enjoying music in the background. I get great satisfaction from cleaning my home and organizing. Like doing activities with my kids.


Ionut M.

I love fishing.  I go every chance I can.  Bass and Carp fishing is my favorite. I found a few places out in Austin where the fish really are active, it’s worth the drive.  My favorite sport is Soccer, I could watch matches all day.

Gemma G.

I like cooking. I’ll go online and find all sorts of recipes and try them out on friends and family. My home-made pizza is a hit at Pipestone. I enjoy traveling every chance I get. I like sitting back and sipping tea or coffee with friends and family.


Tira V.

I like keeping busy. When I’m home I’m always working on a little project. I like visiting family out of town. My family and I enjoy trying new restaurants. On a good day I’ll relax and hang around the house.

Ruby C.

I like spending time with family. Love spending time outdoors, especially hiking and going hunting. Country music is my go to and enjoy dancing. I
like Chinese food. Enjoy taking my Great Dane to the dog park and being outdoors.


Lenuta H.

I like working and keep busy. I like reading and watching novellas. I love Steakhouse and Shopping. I love spending time with my family, especially
my daughters.

Ioan H.

I love watching movies, especially westerns. Country music is my favorite. I like shopping with my wife and going to restaurants. A medium well steak is my favorite order.