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Having a family member, particularly a parent or grandparent, that is living with dementia or experiencing memory loss can be heartbreaking and at times, overwhelming. You may feel like you aren’t sure what to do or what is best for your loved one. There is often a feeling of helplessness or even duty to take in that person and take care of them. The unfortunate reality is that most of us cannot quit our jobs and provide the memory care for our loved ones that they truly need. Quickly, we start to look for alternatives to help them. Assisted living in San Antonio provides the care that your loved one needs in an environment that is best for them.

Not completely convinced about the idea of assisted living. That’s ok. Because we’re here to help! Here are a few reasons why we think assisted living is the best place for your loved one who needs memory care.

They Get Help with Activities of Daily Living

The basic activities of daily living (ADL activities) are the most basic things that someone needs to do to stay healthy and safe: bathing, dressing, cleaning, eating, taking medication, getting around, and communicating. Often, when someone is facing memory loss, these daily living activities start to become a burden. They may be able to eat just fine or walk around, but they can’t bathe themselves or communicate when something isn’t feeling right. Alternatively, they may have issues with moving around and making themselves food, but they can get dressed just fine.

An assisted living facility helps with the activities of daily living that loved ones may struggle with and allows them to continue doing the things they can do – it is a great balance that keeps them autonomous in the ways that they can be, but safe in the activities that they cannot do.

Helps with The Cost of Senior Living in San Antonio

Often, people think of memory care facilities as being too far out of reach in terms of costs. However, they are far more affordable than many people think. Trying to manage your work and taking care of a loved one is often difficult to balance, and getting your own personal nurse is extremely expensive and requires planning in the event of caregiver changes.

An assisted living facility helps to provide food, shelter, healthcare, recreation, and companionship to your loved one for the cost of living.

Assisted Living Houses Help the Family Feel “Normal”

Of course, you want to focus on your loved one that is facing memory care needs, but what about the rest of your family as well? Especially grandchildren and great-grandchildren want to keep those good memories of their loved ones. Spending a loved one’s golden years by taking care of them, changing adult diapers, or even feeding them can be extremely detrimental to your mental health, and difficult to process emotionally.

An assisted living facility helps to preserve your relationship and keep it the way it was. You can visit your loved one for special events, visit them in their own living space, and even come over for meals if you’d like. It feels like going to visit someone at their own apartment, but in a residential care setting with trained caregivers to meet their needs. And it gives them a place of their own to make cozy and call home!

Alzheimer And Dementia Living Facilities Are Safer

There are a lot of variables when it comes to taking care of someone facing Alzheimer’s or dementia. Things that you don’t really think about can be dangerous to someone with memory loss, and care teams at memory care facilities have the dementia training, insights, experience, and tools to ensure that residents can enjoy their golden years in health and safety.

It can be difficult to see a downward progression for those in your care, but the nurses and professionals at a memory care community will be able to track your loved one’s progress and do what is best for them. You will always be kept in the loop about what is going on, so there aren’t any surprises when you do get a chance to visit. Plus, it gives you the peace of mind you need to know they are well taken care of.

Memory Care Communities Are Just That: Communities

It is hard to understand memory care issues, particularly in the early stages when someone is aware that they are forgetful and losing some of their independence. Memory care communities give your loved one a place to talk to other people about what they are going through, and they can have meaningful conversations with others who understand their struggles.

Furthermore, it ensures that your loved one never feels lonely or forgotten, even in the later stages when it can be difficult to truly “be” there with the person. Our team at Pipestone Place knows how to ensure that everyone is included in community events, games, parties, outings, and more. We are truly a family, and your loved one will be cared for as such.

Need Help Finding A Compassionate, High Quality Assisted Living Memory Care Community?

If you are looking to find an assisted living community that provides memory care support for your loved one, it can be really difficult to find something that you know will feel like “home” for your loved one. At Pipestone Place, our caregivers work around the clock to ensure the safety and happiness for our residents who need help, allowing them to live full lives. We provide our residents with stable caregiver relationships, a plethora of stimulating activities, nutritious and yummy home cooked meals, and professionally trained caregivers to ensure residents are happy and in good health, no matter their memory care needs. At Pipestone Place, we care about our family and the ones who mean the most to you!

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