Assisted Living in Shavano Park, TXWith regard to assisted living, there is often a lot of confusion regarding the term ‘retirement communities.’ What many people think of as retirement communities are not essentially the same as assisted living. It is an important component to understand when trying to determine where a senior will live, if he or she (or both) are planning to move from their current residence.

So what are retirement communities? These can include a wide range of facilities and can fulfill any number of needs for seniors. In general, though, these communities are areas in which any resident would need to be of a certain age, such as a minimum of 55 years of age. Some are older, but few are any younger than that.

These communities will usually require guests to ‘check in’ before visiting with residents. This is intended to secure the privacy of the seniors, to keep them from dealing with an influx of solicitors, and to ensure that only residents are staying within these premises. Many of the retirement communities that are found throughout the United States have strict rules and regulations regarding a wide range of things, including guests, pets, and more.

The vast majority of retirement communities do not provide the same type of amenities or health care that one might associate with assisted living facilities. The retirement community may offer certain functions and facilities that seniors can use and take part in, but they won’t tend to offer healthcare, meal service, or other amenities. For those that do offer some form of meal preparation, it is generally done in the same manner of a restaurant in which the residents who choose to eat within the facility would pay for each meal.

Most retirement communities require that residents own their homes or condos, rather than renting them. They would also be responsible for maintenance fees and other dues that are collected monthly, quarterly, or annually.

An assisted living facility is more focused on providing a high level of support to the seniors in residence. This would vary based on each senior’s needs, both in physical and emotional support. Assisted living communities will often provide transportation to and from doctors’ appointments, shopping, and other destinations. They will also tend to provide meals every day to residents, though each resident would likely have the opportunity to prepare his or her meals in their apartment, if they choose.

Understanding the key differences between retirement communities and assisted living is important when discussing the prospect of moving with an elderly loved one.

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