Assisted Living in San Antonio, TX – One Senior’s Experience with the Transition to Assisted Living due to Declining Abilities

Assisted Living in San Antonio, TXBrian was 82 years old when he began to lose his hearing. His children were concerned about his well-being as he lived alone. His vision had been failing him for many years as well, but he managed to adjust and make certain accommodations to remain safe at home.

When his hearing began to fail him though, it was a concern for not only him but his family as well. They talked about various options including home care, but Brian had mentioned that he was lonely and wanted to look into assisted living. His only concern was whether they could accommodate his vision and hearing problems.

Feeling like a burden.

The last thing Brian wanted to do was to be a burden to anybody, including people who were paid to care for elderly individuals. He didn’t want to move into an assisted living facility and end up taking too much time away from other residents. Yet he also understood that there were going to be times when he needed extra assistance. Especially moving into a new situation, he wouldn’t be familiar with the halls, the furniture, or the layout. With his impaired vision and now his failing hearing, navigating through a building could prove to be extremely difficult.

Most assisted living communities across the country can accommodate a wide range of health issues for various seniors. Vision and hearing problems are not a major concern for the trained staff members who work at these facilities. There are generally a number of people who can assist residents from their apartment rooms to the restaurant or cafeteria, to activity centers, and even out in public. 

Brian had his children help him contact several assisted living communities in the area and they visited a few and every single one of them mentioned that they would be able to accommodate hearing loss. They said that hearing impairment is a common problem for people as they get older.

Brian never once considered himself unlucky because he was facing the potential loss of his hearing as well his vision; he just wanted to live in a place where he could still feel comfortable and that there were people willing and able to help him without putting others at risk. The answer to his situation was assisted living.

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