Assisted Living Facilities in San Antonio TX

Assisted Living Facilities in San Antonio TXWhen you need to start talking about assisted living with your elderly mother, you may not know where to begin. Perhaps in the past you tried to discuss various senior care options, including the prospect of moving into assisted living, but she was adamantly opposed to that and it started an argument. The last thing you want right now is to get into another contentious debate about the benefits this type of decision can have for her.

Focus on the positives.

When trying to discuss something as important and potentially divisive as assisted living with an elderly parent or other loved one, make sure you focus on the positive aspects of it. Don’t necessarily focus on assisted living or a particular facility, but the things your mother may be able to do in the future, if she chooses this as her living situation.

For example, she may feel lonely and isolated. She may not be able to visit many friends all that often because she doesn’t drive, they don’t live very close to her, or some other factors.

If you focus on friendships, reconnecting with friends, and being able to make new friends, that’s a positive thing for most people. Talk about things she may be missing in a way that helps her realize she could get back to this, if she only made a different decision.

Focus on the challenges.

Next, once you got her thinking about the positive things she could be enjoying in life, without mentioning assisted living upfront, focus on the challenges she’s facing at the moment. These challenges can be physical, emotional, or mental.

Challenges make daily living more complicated. She may not want to talk about them, but she is fully aware of them. As a result, she will more than likely begin to put two and two together.

She will see the challenges she’s facing daily as a key reason why she can’t enjoy the positive aspects of life and is missing out on right now. This is when you begin discussing assisted living.

Keep focusing on those positive reinforcements and how the challenges can feel much less overwhelming, if she only had the right living environment around her. It may be a difficult road, and your mother has every right to determine the course of her life, but when you focus on the positives and how she can overcome those challenges more easily, she may be more open to discuss the prospect of making a move to assisted living.

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