Assisted Living in Alamo Heights TX: When Family Disagrees About Mom's Care, Do What's Best for Mom

Assisted Living in Alamo Heights TX: When Family Disagrees About Mom’s Care, Do What’s Best for Mom

Clara wasn’t feeling that great on that deep winter morning this past year. She struggled to climb out of bed one morning and in the days and weeks that followed, things grew progressively more challenging. She didn’t want to admit it at the time (not to herself first, nor to her daughter who lived about an hour and a half away), but she needed help. In time, Clara began to consider assisted living.

She knew some people who lived at one close by.

When the idea of assisted living first crossed her mind, it’s because she had a few friends living at a facility in town. She had visited them on occasion and thought it was a comfortable place. They had their own room, enjoyed privacy when they wanted, help when it was necessary, and truly loved the companionship they found in other seniors all dealing with the natural process of aging.

Clara told her daughter, and that’s when the questions arose.

“Mom,” her daughter replied, “wouldn’t you want to move closer to family?”

It’s a common question family will have, but that’s because they want to be closer to that aging senior. It’s easy to forget that ‘family’ isn’t just flesh and blood, but the friends made through the years. It’s the neighbors who stop by and visit, say hello every day, and people with whom a person connects over time and develops strong bonds with that build ‘family’ in the extended sense.

Clara’s family immediately focused on her struggles rather than the opportunities she might have to enjoy life on her terms. They knew it was a long drive to visit and when someone begins talking about assisted living, end of life is a topic that often quickly follows.

But moving to assisted living does not mean the end of a person’s life is fast approaching. It means that senior understands things are changing, they don’t want to struggle needlessly or live at home alone, wishing they could spend time with their friends, do activities, play games, talk, or anything else.

It took time, but Clara finally managed to convince her family that she wanted to remain where she was, in the community she had known for decades, close to friends she had built over all that time. It wasn’t that she didn’t love her daughter, son-in-law, or grandkids; it was simply that this was home and home is where someone is most comfortable. By moving to an assisted living facility where she already had friends, Clara was able to remain independent while still having the peace of mind that she could live safely.

For more information about assisted living in Alamo Heights, TX, contact Pipestone Place Assisted Living or to take a tour, call today (210) 718-0211.

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