There are many misconceptions floating around about assisted living centers. They aren’t the old folks’ homes of the past! A lot has changed in the elderly community arena, including what goes on inside these facilities.

Contrary to the belief that they are dreary and resemble hospitals, with residents sitting or lying around all day – today’s assisted living centers are more like day spas for seniors. Many of them have restaurant-quality dining, health and wellness centers, beauty parlors and even swimming pools!

Assisted Living in Alamo Heights, TXWhat are some of the activities offered at good facilities?

  • Ice cream socials
  • Classes, such as cooking, arts and crafts
  • Game nights for board and card games
  • Pizza parties
  • Tennis and other sports
  • Music and dances
  • Reading and book clubs
  • Celebrations for the holidays
  • Church and prayer services
  • Bingo
  • Small trips out, away from the center

Taking part in the activities as soon as your loved one arrives is a great way to start meeting people. This makes for an easier transition and they will feel at home a lot sooner. Even if you attend some of the functions with your mom in the beginning, until she gets to know more people.

Your loved one can still enjoy her privacy

Your mom can enjoy a good balance between social activities involving other people, and her own privacy when she desires to be alone. There’s no need to feel isolated in an assisted living community, but everyone needs some privacy sometimes. Your mom can decide which activities she wants to participate in, and when she wants to be alone in her room to read, for example.

How about daily routines and schedules?

Your elderly mom can maintain as much of her independence as she desires, by choosing to go to the pizza party or not. Residents are encouraged to participate socially, but the amount and frequency will be up to them.

When it comes to schedules, some things like bathing, taking medicines and housekeeping will be at routine times. The room or apartment where you mom resides will have regular cleaning and sanitizing. There are some things your mom can do for herself if she wishes, like make her bed in the morning. It just depends upon the mobility and capabilities of each individual. Make sure to talk with staff members if you have any questions at any time about how something is done at the center where your mom resides. Knowing she has your support will help your mom feel more secure and comfortable.

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