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3 Simple Excuses an Aging Parent Might Use to Avoid Discussing Assisted Living 

Short-circuiting any type of conversation a person doesn’t want to face is often the primary strategy he or she will use. This conversation might involve assisted living and an elderly person may simply not want to deal with it, at least at the time. So, they come up with some excuses. Some of these excuses may be elaborate while others seem more practical.

When an adult child, spouse, or friend sees the challenges an aging individual faces living at home alone, they often realize just how beneficial assisted living could be. Unfortunately, if that senior is skilled at turning conversations away from topics they don’t really want to face, it can be difficult to help them realize just how beneficial this environment could be for them.

Below are three simple excuses that some elderly men and women have used in the past to discourage various conversations, especially about assisted living.

Excuse #1: I’m doing fine on my own.

People often overestimate not only their ability to do certain things, but also their safety and quality of life in various situations. An elderly person might assume he or she is doing just fine as things are, but when push comes to shove and they have to face the reality of the situation and circumstance, they can’t really defend this idea.

If an elderly person uses this as an excuse, point out the times when they were not fine. Do it in a loving, supportive way rather than as an accusation.

Excuse #2: I don’t want to go to an ‘old folks’ home.

Too many people assume that assisted living is just for older people who are no longer physically capable of taking care of themselves at this point in their life. The reality is that a quality assisted living community can be extremely beneficial for those who still want to live life to the fullest and be as active as possible.

Excuse #3: What? You don’t want to help me anymore?

Some people prefer to lay on the guilt as thick as possible. When an adult child or other family member begins talking about assisted living, they immediately turn to this excuse. Often, it is effective because that individual will suddenly feel guilty and drop the conversation altogether.

This isn’t about whether or not a person wants to do the right thing or the best thing to help somebody else, but rather what would truly be the best thing to help maintain a high quality of life for that aging senior.

Sometimes it can be difficult discussing assisted living, especially with a senior who has various misconceptions about it, and when you understand the most common excuses that might be tossed back in, you can be better prepared to shape the conversation in a way that makes the most sense.

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